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If you are like me you love to journey, whether it is within your state, out of the country or within your body. To journey with another it is always a good idea to take time to check in and make sure you understand the other’s language, have the same guide books and maps.

Let’s begin with my business name. What do you think about when you read Eclectic?

By definition Eclectic means:

selecting what appears to be best in various  doctrines, methods, or styles

composed of elements drawn from various sources; also : heterogeneous

To serve you in the best way possible I want to meet you where you are in your life and the stage of your well-being. By having many tools in my massage tool bag I can select what we deem best from various massage styles, methods and doctrines.  The technique we come up with for your massage session will more than likely be composed of elements drawn from various sources depending on your need that day. We could utilize more science based methods, or eastern philosophies or energetic practices at any given point during your session.


The next word I selected was Healing. What is your understanding Healing?

By definition to Heal means:

to become free from injury or disease :  to return to a sound  or whole state

to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome

 to patch up or correct (a breach or division)

 to restore to original purity or integrity


It is my strong belief that only we can truly heal ourselves. We can seek and gain aid from outside sources when we need help cutting something out of our bodies or setting a broken bone. It is true we can not do everything on our own sometimes we need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry  on during a time of transition or transformation. I know all to well you can not reach all of your muscles with your own hands.  Each of us can serve as an example of how to be a self healer yet we can not heal another. Our healing journey always starts with us talking the first step to seek within consciously or unconsciously.

Finally we come to Guide.   What do you think of when you read the word Guide?

By definition Guide means:

 one that leads or directs another’s way

 a person who exhibits and explains points of interest

 something /someone that provides a person with information

 a person who directs another’s conduct or course of action

As we journey to connect deeper with our inner healer we sometimes need more, new or lost information. Sometimes we need an outside source to help us redefine our way of doing things, or we need someone to shed light on an area we have not been able to see. Through my life experience and extensive studies in the areas of body work and energetic practices I can serve as that outside source. Together as a team we can create a path to your ideal healing journey.


Now that we have a starting point for the language we will be using as we journey together let’s explore who you are at this moment and how I can be in service to you.

Are you feeling pretty good overall yet you are weighed down by your TO DO LIST?

Does your day sound something like this:

As soon as you open your eyes you are off and running to start checking off things on that list.  You make breakfast, eating it as  you run out the door, hop on the road to get to work or take the kids to school,  then off to your day. The lunch break arrives and you are off to grab some lunch while running to get a couple errands checked off the list.  Back at work the  clock finally hits the hour to head home but first you have to pick up the kids and get them to their activities. You grab some dinner in there somewhere as fast as possible then back to get the kids home to start homework. Now everyone is in bed and you have time to get caught up on your household chores or the last couple emails you didn’t finish at work. Finally it’s time for a shower and you fall into bed. Phew! What a day.

After reading this I bet you are thinking about

Often for most of us we are Doing more than we are Being. How often during your week do you take time to just sit and BE you?

Now is the time to put you at the top our your list and take a respite.   We can use warming boots and mitts, essential oils or just relaxing, gentle massage to help you take a day time nap and experience a mini vacation.  Let’s  provide you with An Hour to BE YOU again:   Yes, please schedule me now

Are you trying TO DO all the things to stay healthy yet you still feel like you need a vacation from your healthy living routine? 

Does your week sound something like this:

You wake up and get your green smoothie made and drink it down. You head off to work and hit it out of the park impressing the higher ups. You take time for a quick salad and a run at lunch time. Then back to work to finish out the day like a champ. Then off to the gym to do Cross Fit, Pilates or Yoga.  This is the day you really want to kill it at the gym only to over do it and now you’ll need a couple days for your muscles to recover.. Finally you get your shower and hit the bed but you just can’t turn your brain off  and get a good nights sleep. Phew, what a week.


At the end of a week like that we can take your healthy routine to the next level by going beyond pain or no pain to feel out the source and start to realigning the areas of your body that have gotten a bit beaten up by getting you on the table at least twice a month. Ready to add regular massage to your healthy living routine? Yes, please schedule me now

Are you Doing the business traveler circuit where you are  in an airport at least once a month and you just can’t get your body on any kind of regular schedule?

Does your month sound something like this:

You can’t eat the way you really want to, to get that weight off and even if you could the stress from meeting those business deadlines and all the travel just keeps the weight on no matter what. You get some workouts in but they just seem to add to the stress and often cause more aches and pains. You start to get short with your family/friends because you are not eating, sleeping or taking time for yourself. the way you should.  Phew,  what a month.

Le’t not let another month go by without getting  your stress under control.   We can start to dive deep into developing life long Action Plans to utilize at any point in your life  to bring homeostasis back into your life and shift any situation into a state of harmony. We can do this by co-creating your body centered  program that starts on the massage table and goes beyond with off the table guidance as well.

Ready to start your transformational journey today? Yes, please schedule me now


Thank you for taking the first step in your healing journey by booking your appointment.

Welcome to your next step of walking through the door where you will be met by my smiling face.

Within the relaxing environment of Eclectic Healing Guide I will create a holistic, educational, restorative body centered journey for you.

See you soon.