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Detail Guide to Essential Oil Membership

If you want more information on the what, why and how of essential oils before you dive into ordering then please Click over to my Blog

Just Click HERE on Essential Oils 101 and More


If you are excited and ready to jump right in to your Essential Oil journey then go straight to Young Living and Start your membership

Here is the Simple look at the 2 ways you can purchase Young Living products:

1. Becoming a Retail Customer

    As a customer you are signing up to purchase oils at full price. You just want to purchase one or two bottles randomly and you just aren't sure if you want to continue on a regular basis.

2. Becoming a Member

   As a member you are also know as a Distributor. Hold on; don't get worried this doesn't mean you have to sell product to anyone. I was a distributor for years before I started to sell to other people. As a distributor you will receive 24% on every order.  

Under the distributor status you can also sign up for essential rewards. This is big and gives you even more rewards (free items). 

To maintain this status all you need to do is purchase $50 in a calendar year.

If you want to go deeper as a distributor and begin to sell to others you can receive commissions on top of your 24% discount.

Ready to Get started Click and Go it's a Simple Choice Sign Up Now

If you want to understand your options regarding what kit to purchase then again Click over to my Blog.

If you are just interested in buying 1 or 2 oils at Retail price you can also Speak with a person. No  problem just call:


Want to look over product first :

Here is a sample catalog   <Click on underlined word

Once on the home page go to the Menu Click on Products to find what you want.

Once you know what you want Sign-In. This will take you to two boxes and under the boxes you'll see

Who introduced you to Young Living?

I was referred by a Young Living member, and I have his or her member number.

My member # to use is: 797236 This will serve as both your Enroller and Sponsor 

Decide if you want to become a member or just remain a Retail client.  When you Click here to SIGN UP NOW My member # will already be fill out for you. You just need to put in your country and other information.

If you would like to learn more about how therapeutic essential oils can benefit your wellbeing and how they have played an important role in my healing process, please visit my blog

Thank you and Happy Oiling