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Modalities, Services and Rates

Massage is an investment in your Health.

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Below you will find detailed information on the types of massage you can receive from Colette.

Massage Modalities:

In general my massage sessions are eclectic. I pull from several of the modalities below at any given area in a person’s body depending on what the muscles are asking for in the moment. The most important aid in my massage is the client’s ability to provide me with as much of the story of their muscles as they can in any given session. The more guidance I have as to what the muscles have been doing during the week, months or years, the more focused I can make the session and  better long term results will occur. However, if you would like one specific massage technique, read below to select from the modalities I have been trained to perform.

Therapeutic Massage:

This form of massage is geared to more chronic muscle tension and is a more focused massage targeting specific muscle groups rather than a generalized full body. The Therapeutic form of massage Colette utilizes is Deep tissue.  Her style of Deep tissue is based on Orthopedic Massage as taught by James Waslaski.

Deep Tissue Massage is not a massage just with increased pressure. It is a massage that employs the understanding of muscle action, tissue layers, tissue manipulation, muscle fiber direction, muscle shortening and lengthening capabilities and holding patterns. Deep refers to the therapist's ability to work with the muscles and tissue in a slow, focused manner that allows the body to take the therapist to a depth that will release the muscle restrictions. The goals of deep tissue are alleviation of pain, better posture, increased flexibility and range of motion and longer lasting benefits over time.



 Wellness Massage:

Wellness massage optimized touch to work with the body's chakra system, meridian system, circulation, lymphatic system and immune system to establish and maintain a good physical condition and health. The client is invited to relax and improve muscle tone leading to therapeutic effects on the respiratory, nervous and circulatory centers. Finding comfort the individual can more readily re-align in a state of mind, body and spirit balance.

Types of wellness massage:

Dry Brush Massage

As this technique takes about 5-10 mins. it is a great addition to the beginning of any massage. Our Skin is the largest organ of elimination. Many Naturopathic doctors recommend dry brushing for detoxification programs. This can be a way to combine your beauty and wellness routines. The process begins at the soles of the feet up the legs, hands and arms, back, abdomen, neck and ends at the chest.  Dry brushing removes dead skin and impurities, stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic flow, awakens skin nerve endings, and keeps pores open.  Therefore you will improve muscle tone, repair complexion and overall enhance your well-being. It is also recommend for those dealing with lymphedema.


Swedish Massage is the most well know form of relaxation bodywork techniques. It incorporates gliding, kneading, friction, vibration, compression and tapping (tapotement) in a stylized manner.

Thai Massage can be thought of as passive yoga for the client and active yoga for the therapist. It is an Eastern form of bodywork incorporating meridian stimulation (known as Sen lines), compression, abdominal massage, tapotement and emphasizing stretching. For the most benefit the therapist structures a routine to fit the client's needs and the balance between the client and practitioner. The client wears loose, comfortable clothing and remains clothed throughout the session. This massage takes place on a mat on the floor. Working on the floor allows the therapist to maximize leverage and increases the stretching benefits. Thai massage improves the flow of energy throughout the body, increasing vitality, flexibility and muscle tone. A traditional Thai massage has a minimal duration of one and one half hours.

Craniosacral Massage is a subtle form of bodywork in which the therapist works with the subtle third rhythm of the body that falls beneath the breath and the heartbeat. The therapist uses gentle holding, compression like hand positions to stimulate the client’s natural internal healing abilities. As the cerebral spinal fluid rhythm re-balances the skull bones are allowed to re-align, connective tissue unwinds and re-alignment within the connection of the cranium, spine and sacrum occur.  Clients wear loose comfortable clothing and remain fully clothed throughout the session.  Clients are on their back for the entire session. Hugely relaxing with clients often falling to sleep, this form of bodywork has been helpful reducing symptoms related to ADHD, migraines, TMJ and Chronic pain. It is also helpful when preparing to become pregnant and following child birth.



Therapeutic Aromatic Massage is a combination of Swedish massage and aromatherapy.  This is more than just for a pleasant smell to induce relaxation. The client selects from our list of oils to address their desired massage outcome and the oils are added to a base oil coconut oil. The essential oils Colette applies are free of copper, aluminum, herbicides and other agrochemicals. Through this beautiful marriage of massage and aromatic oils the therapist seeks to promote emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Thai Aroma Massage is a combination of Thai pressure points to the head, face, feet, and back, Swedish and myofascial release techniques to back muscles, hydrotherapy and wellness supportive essential oils. The massage begins with energetic points in the head, face. Moving to the feet where the therapist applies oils while stimulating points in the feet. The client then turns onto their stomach for the therapist to utilize specific massage techniques and oils. The massage ends with heated towels on the back.

Reiki is a purely energetic bodywork technique. This session is mainly used for relaxation and chakra balancing. For those more familiar with Reiki the session will be customized to your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual needs. A full session will utilizes hand positions on both the front and back of the body. Energy travels from the chakras in the practitioners hands to the client’s chakras. This is experienced differently by different people. The sensations have been described as heat, cold, tingling or a variety of other sensations. Clients often fall asleep.  There is no manipulation of muscles or skeletal structure. The client wears loose, comfortable clothing and remains clothed throughout the session.



Foot soaks and massage:

This therapy is based on Traditional Chinese foot massage which consists of a foot bath followed by a massage on various pressure points in the feet, ankles and legs. The session begins with the client comfortably seated in a chair while soaking the feet in hot water infused with tea, herbs or essential oils and/ or Epsom salts for 5-15 mins. The feet are then removed from the water one at a time to massage the foot and low leg. This should take about 15 mins. After both feet and low legs are massaged they are dried. The client can enhance the massage by adding a cup of tea.



Maternity or pre-natal massage (I reserve this modality for established clients.)

This is a gentle massage that varies depending on the stage of pregnancy. At all stages the therapist avoids applying pressure to certain locations of the body. In the early stages of massage when the mother can still lie on her stomach the massage is similar to non-pregnancy massage except for avoiding heat and pressure points at certain locations. During later stages the therapist adds pillows or the use of a body cushion, for support and can even preform a full body massage while the mother is side- lying. The overall goal is the safety and comfort of both the mother and fetus.

Treatments to go along with Massage/Foot Soak:

Epsom salt                

Foot Tea                      

Dry Brush                    

Salt/Essential oil Scrub 


Single cup of tea            

Drinking Pot o Tea           





Aromatherapy$80 / 60 minutes
Connective Tissue Massage$80 / 60 minutes
Craniosacral $80 / 60 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$80 / 60 minutes
Intra-Oral Massage$80 / 60 minutes
Lymphatic Massage$80 / 60 minutes
Orthopedic Massage$80 / 60 minutes
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$80 / 60 minutes
Reiki$80 / 60 minutes
Spa Therapies$80 / 60 minutes
Thai Massage$80 / 60 minutes