Colette - Eclectic Healing Guide
Scholls Crossing Center

Payment Methods & Rewards


        As soon as your massage is completed and we have reviewed all findings from the session, exact change is highly appreciated at check out. Small bills are also how I can best accommodate cash payments.


Credit Cards:

            Through Square I accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. This is the easiest form of payment for all of us. This form of payment is also received at the end of your session.

          * * Square has also made it possible for me to accept HSA and FSA cards. This is my alternative to working with insurance.

        ****** For HSA and FSA please contact your human resources contact person through your employer so you can find out what you need to set up your account. This is a great way to plan your year of massage.


        ****** Though I don't bill insurance myself, many clients have been contacting their insurance to discover their insurance will allow them to submit receipts and get reimbursed for their sessions with me. I invite each of you to contact your insurance company and see what it will take for you to get reimbursed. When it happens it is a great win-win situation for all of us. 


******* Note: with both HSA, FSA and Insurance reimbursement there are no Discounts or Special prices applied to those. You will be billed for the full $80/hour fee.


Special Note:  Some people ask about tipping. My feeling is tipping is neither expected nor required by me. Some clients really like to tip as they feel I go the extra mile for them. I have learned to accept this special thank you. Therefore, if you pay by credit card there is an option to tip. However, there is a no tip button for those who prefer not to tip. All options are fine in my book!

How to receive Rewards:

1. Participate in the referral program.

    Refer 3 clients. When all have completed a massage at full asking price, you will receive a

   1 hour complimentary Thank You  massage.

2. Participate in the Punch Card Special:

    This is for those who are self guided = you must present the card at the end of your massage when you pay for your massage. The card can only be marked by Colette at the end of a massage. If you forget to give Colette the card you will not get credit for the massage.  

A full circle = $80/hr; 1/2 circle = $4 when you reach (6 hours) $480 spent you will receive one (1) hour  massage at 50% off= $40. 

This can not be combined with any other package, discount or special!!!


3.  Re-alignment  Program ( formerly the Frequency Rewards Package):

    With this program we work as a team to help you jump start your re-alignment  process. To encourage you to  invest in your self and stick with the program I ask that you PRE- PAY for these sessions. This is truly to help you Invest in YOU. The first session will either be your first new client session or your first returning client session in which we assess your body's needs and come up with a plan. I have found most people can stick with a 6 week program. Therefore you will begin the program when you know your schedule will allow you to come 3 weeks in a row then every other week for 3 weeks. If we keep with 1 massage per week it will take 6 weeks. If we do every other week it will extend to 11 weeks.  We will determine the length of the massage as we go but we will be able to break between the 6 weeks into 1 hour, 90 mins or 2 hours depending on need.  The pre-payment amount will be $420. To KEEP this deal you must be able to commit to 90 mins of massage a month!! You must pre-book your massages to ensure we stay accountable to this agreement.

4. Participate in the Short Notice reschedule program.

    Give me the days and times you are most likely to come in for a massage. If I get a reschedule notice 48 hours or less that matches your days and times I'll contact you. The less notice we receive the more of a discount I give. The most discount will be 50% off the regular pricing of the massage. This does not apply to the other deals/ rewards or discounts already in place for you. This offer is given at my discretion. 

5. If you are a student with a valid Student ID I can offer massage sessions at $50/hr while you are in school. If you take a semester off the deal will not be valid at that time.