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Re-alignment Package




The best results when attempting to re-align/re-structure the body and posture are seen when massage is received close together and on a frequent basis. In order to help us stay accountable and help us INVEST in your SELF CARE  I have put together this package and required it be PRE-Paid and Pre-Booked. 


Massage Package Description, Terms and Agreements:

  • This package is one way I can help guide and support you along your wellness journey.
  • These packages are not designed to give you a sliding scale. They are for people serious about doing re-alignment work and will be
  • coming at least 1 hour per week or 1.5 to 2 hours per month.
  • If you Can NOT Commit to a 6 week program and having at least 1.5 hours of massage a month This program will not work for you!
  • This package Must be paid in full at time of purchase
  • We  will track your time via your square receipts. At check out I will put your session into Square and you will receive a receipt detailing amount of money used and the number of hours remaining in the package. 
  •  Although this package does not have a date of expiration, my expectation is you are serious and will finish your card within 6 to 11 weeks of starting.
  • If an emergency or unexpected travel should arise, please let me know so we can make arrangement and put the card on hold. However, if you do not contact and do not book a massage for more than 1 month, we will finish that package and we will not start another package. I would be happy to have you do the pay as you go punch card in this case.
  • You must pre-book the first  Three hours of your package in order to start the package and then Book the remaining 3 hours before leaving each subsequent session.

   HOW TO BOOK and Pay: 

     Once you have read over the policies and can agree to the terms

  1. Look at your home/office schedule and find where you can book at least a 1 hour massage for 3 weeks in a row and match to my booking availability.
  2. Book your massages
  3. Return to the office for your first re-alignment session, we take payment for the package at that first session.

Once Goal is Met: 

  • Once your package hours are done you can decide if you need to take a break or if you need another package.

Note: Most people take a break once their goal is met, integrate the treatments, go into a maintenance phase and return to the regular massage pricing

  • If after several packages in a row, I feel that we are not meeting our goals, I may ask you to take a break from packages to seek other therapy. We can always re-visit massage. But some times it is good to try other things if a plateau is reached.

NOTE: If you complete your package and want to go back to coming as needed your rate will return to the regular hourly price of $80 per.

       Missed Appointments:

A no Call/no Show for your session will require me to take the value of that from your package. Although you have pre-paid, you are still taking an opportunity for another person to have that time and provide me with income. It is the same as if you no call/no show an appointment as a Pay as you go client, I charge for that missed time. What this means is you will have one less massage in your package.

  What's Not included in Package Price:

Specialty products such as Paraffin, Epsom salts, etc.

You will need to pay additional cost for these at time of service.


Package Pricing:


6 hours of massage: Price: $420


When following the agreement this package will complete within 6 to 11 weeks 

For scheduling example: 

  • start with 1 hour per week for 3 weeks then go 1 hour every other week
  •  book 1 hour per week for 6 weeks
  •  book two 1.5 hours every other week then  one 1 hour every other week
  •  book 1 hour every other week for 9 weeks


If you are in agreement with all the terms above and can commit to the scheduling requirements please

Review this agreement  you can download a copy for your records and we will keep a copy at the office.

             BOOK NOW

Note:  The  addition of a specialty product will require you to pay its cost at time of service.