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Testimonial/Letter of Recommendation for Colette Chavez-Walker, massage therapist

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1. "I have been going to Colette for massages for more than 3 years.  Before that I received massages from many other massage therapists.  While some of the other therapists I saw were very good, Colette, in my opinion, stands head and shoulders above the rest.  She never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge about the human body and her ability to perceive a condition and understand what is needed.  She is adept at using a wide variety of techniques and knowledgeable in using them appropriately for different situations and conditions.  For one example, I have benefitted greatly from her knowledge of orthopedic massage as she helped me recover from knee, shoulder and back injuries. In particular, I struggled with a knee injury that I couldn’t seem to recover from for over a year.  Neither chiropractic nor physical therapy alone were effective in helping me make any significant progress in my healing.  Once I started seeing Colette I made great strides in my healing and within a few weeks I was engaging in activities I loved (e.g. hiking and yoga) to a much greater degree and without pain.  In addition to the benefit of her massage, she educated me about the dynamics and structure of the knee and surrounding connective tissue and muscle and helped me to understand what was going on with my injury.  I continue to see her regularly for massage (and will for as long as she is around and available) and follow her suggestions regarding exercise, stretching and energetic work.  I am impressed with how she continually seeks to learn and grow in her profession.  I regard her as an indispensable member of my health care team!"

From Ms. AR Beaverton, Oregon

November 30, 2011


2. "Colette is one truly gifted lady! Received Reiki from her and having been my first time I feel like I couldn't have been in better hands! Everyone needs to see her whether it's for therapeutic massage or energy work. :)"
From Ms. JE Portland, Oregon
January 15, 2012

3. “Colette has a broad set of skills and tailors treatment to the specific complaints of the day. I feel refreshed and relaxed after my sessions with her. Colette is one of the true healers I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with.”

From Ms. TM Portland, Oregon

January 19, 2012

4. "Always the busiest and hardest working LMT at the clinic. Colette obviously cares deeply about her clients and is talented in multiple modalities, creating a unique treatment experience tailored to the specific needs of her client. I have learned a lot from her and she was a joy to work with."

Mr.BB (LMT) Portland, Oregon

 February 3, 2012


5. "Colette is amazing. She listens carefully to my symptoms and really thinks through the connectivity of my entire body in determining a course of healing. She is thoughtful and creative in her approach, and helps me manage both the physical and emotional side of the injury/impact on lifestyle. Her style is extremely effective at getting to both the root of the problem and the related muscle groups that are contributing to the problem. I leave each massage session feeling positive, refreshed, and with a real sense of making progress in dealing with my injury. As a runner/cyclist/weekend warrior, I highly recommend her."


6. "A gal t-boned my car in 2003 and I did a year of physical therapy to even be able to turn my head at all. I started weekly massage therapy in 2004 to help control the chronic and overwhelming pain in my neck and shoulders. I did 6 YEARS of weekly therapy and figured I was about as good as I was ever going to get - I could last about 5-6 days before the pain would begin to be debilitating again, so back to therapy. I tried lots of things in addition to massage - swimming, stretch therapy, Graston (can you say painful?), but nothing stopped the pain. Then I met Collette.  She is like no other massage therapist I've ever worked with. She is a font of knowlege about the body and how your systems work together. I can finally go weeks without a session without experiencing the horrific stabbing pain in my neck. My "scar tissue" issues have dissolved. I can pick up my toddler without worry. I can sleep at night again. I know longer experience shaking in my hands because the nerves in my shoulders are so pinched. She is literally a miracle worker, and worth every penny. With Collette it's not just a massage - she really did help me to heal!"

Wendy B.

Portland, OR


7. "Colette Ceasar Chavez is much more than a masseuse. She is a very talented healer who obviously knows anatomy inside and out, has a strong intuition, and uses a variety of bodywork techniques to unlock sources of pain and tension. She is skilled in Thai massage, cranial sacral, and Lomi Lomi to name the few of which I am aware. She chooses the tools she knows to suit the individual and their needs at the time. She was very helpful to me in dealing with shoulder pain, locked calves from running, and TMJ in my jaw from night time clenching. She also made recommendations for what I could do on my own to improve my health issues. I highly recommend her. She is uniquely gifted."

8. "Colette is currently working with me on an old rock climbing injury and really takes a whole-body approach to working on the issue.  In one session, she was able to start working on getting my ribs in the right place, explaining to me how the injury is affecting both my breathing and posture, and was able to relax/work on areas in my back that I had no idea were connected to my injury, until I felt it!  She is amazing, and I highly recommend her!!!!!After years of PT, acupuncture, and other remedies, I feel like I am now making headway in healing once more!  I completely recommend her for just a nice relaxing appointment, as well as for more serious injuries."

Portland, OR


9. " Colette is absolutely awesome. A reniassance body-worker in the truest sense, her depth of knowledge in a great breadth of modalities is unrivaled in my experience.
I've gone to Colette for deep tissue, reiki, cranial sacral, and sports therapy. She's knocked the ball out of the park for each, and won my ongoing business."

Portland, OR


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